u·ma·mi   o͞oˈmämē | woomami | noun | savory taste

G loves savory cheap eats. During her last year of PhD, she cooked up an idea to sell $5 lunch box on campus using not a food truck, but a bike hauling a cooler. She spent many hours developing recipes coming up with the perfect domain name for her business, and settled on woomami.com because umami.com was taken. She shared her idea with anyone who would listen, but only her labmates agreed that it was a great idea - while enthusiastically volunteering to try the food. Finally, she consulted her professional chef friend and was told she would have to get up at 4 AM every morning (on top of making no money). G's normal bedtime is 4 AM... so the business died before it began. Since then, she tried turning woomami.com into a recipe blog... that didn't work out so well. Finally, we decided to use it for something slightly more useful - such as telling our guests where to find savory cheap eats in Boston. Bon appetit!