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Municipal Lot #8 (right behind the restaurant)
Getting into Boston
Boston Logan Airport (BOS) is the closest airport. Upon arrival, you can take the complimentary bus Silver Line 1 (SL1) to South Station (from which you can transfer onto Subway Red Line without a ticket). Another option is to take the Logan Express Back Bay shuttle to Copley Square (payment by credit card only; $7.50 or $3 if Charles Card* is shown).
Getting to 753 South
1) Take Lyft or Uber to the restaurant, which is located in Roslindale, a residential neighborhood in Boston. We find this method to be the most cost and time effective for getting around, even when coming from Downtown Boston/Cambridge/Charlestown/Brookline.
2) Take the subway Orange Line* to Forest Hill. From there, you can walk 1.2 mile to the restaurant (or take a longer walk through Arnold Arboretum) or hop on an outbound bus (30/34/34E/35/36/etc) with your free transfer.

*For our out-of-town guests, please remember to ask station agents for a Charlie Card.

Roslindale and Jamaica Plains are residential neighborhoods with no hotels. We recommend Airbnb if you desire to stay in the area.

If you desire to stay in Downtown Boston/Cambridge/Charlestown/Brookline, you can keep the cost lower by:
1) Checking out listings on Airbnb (and Uber/Lyft to the restaurant).
2) Finding secret hotels using hotwire about 2-3 weeks before June 9th. To figure out which hotel you will get upon booking, look for hotels in that area on tripadvisor with the same number of reviews for the Hotwire listing.