our story


We met in graduate school, but for two years leading up to that fateful night in May 2011, we didn't know of each other's existence even though we worked in the same department and building. This was because while D was a staple at the department's happy hour, G made quick appearances only to grab a few bites then scurried back to lab. Finally, after meeting D for the first time at a mutual friend's house party, G started staying at happy hour... Eventually, D got the hint and asked G on a date. Over the past seven years, we survived graduate school and a long-distance relationship, enjoyed skiing/camping trips and traveling abroad, conducted cooking projects that sometimes ended up in the trash, and moved from Boston to Ann Arbor, MI. Since we can’t imagine who else to love (and nag) for the rest of our lives, we decided to tie the knot and throw a big party. Can’t wait to celebrate with you!